Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Just say that I am not giving you 70s Audrey Hepburn in these images, lol. Well I am back to my old tricks in this post ; recycling that is. If you notice, my hair is back to its natural state I.e sans braids and so my look was centered around being minimal and demure even though it doesn't quite look like it. I am wearing a transparent cover-up over a brocade dress (from miss selfridge) and my polka-spotted scarf and brooches are vintage finds while my pair of shoes is from Zara. 
 Photography c/o Yomi of Phitila studios. 
 Graphic editing courtesy of Nwokeocha Nneka.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Its been a while I know; trust me, there has been reason for my absence. I had a series of transitions occur in my life in the past 6-to-8 weeks and as such, I have not been able to blog. This very post has taken me '6 weeks' to achieve believe it or not; I had to settle into my new environment, find a blog-friendly location to shoot, hunt for a new photographer, find a pool, buy an underwater camera, find time in between studies and then finally pick a suitable day for both myself and my photographer to shoot. It really has been a hectic period for me, but the grace of God has enabled me take everything in my stride and so I ask that you bear with me. As you can tell (Or maybe you can't) I have changed locations; as a matter of fact continents. I currently reside in Texas and that alongside other developments have occurred in the past couple of months. I am still in the process and I will be updating you as time moves along.
Details : Today's outfit is put together based on sentiment; my mother visited a couple of weeks ago and when out she (and my aunt) spotted this vintage top hanging on a clothes rack and encouraged me to purchase it and so I bought and wore it because of them. Everything else from the tweed skirt to vintage brooches happen to be playing supporting roles. As for why I chose to shoot underwater well, honestly that decision was based on inquisition and I hope to make more blogs quite as unusual in the nearest future.
As per usual Graphic editing is courtesy of 'yours truly'.
Photos c/o Yomi of Phitila studios  (My talented new photographer).
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