Friday, 8 August 2014

مَلِكَة Malikah 'مَلِكَة

My royalty-themed posts are gradually becoming somewhat of a story-line these days. One of three conclusions can be made from this outfit; Firstly, I have managed to express my immense adoration of Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al missned's sense of style (and class). Secondly, this outfit gently reminds you of something similar worn by Rihanna in Abu Dhabi or three, I look like an 'Emirates' flight attendant. Lol? (The latest might I add is how my munchkin 'zainab' chose to view this precious ensemble never minding the fact that she proclaimed 'Masha Allah!' at first glance, She is such a hater). If you fall under the category of the fist opinion, then you are my person/people because I am channeling HRH SMbNAM today; as a matter of fact I am channeling royalty in general from the colour purple (which is a royal colour to Europe) to decent arabian accessories and a velvet fascinator. The idea to wear this outfit stemmed from my fascinator which I had for 3 years (but found use for only twice excluding today) and coupled with yearning for a very modest yet regal look, this outfit was born.
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Photos c/o Honnops.

Disclaimer: The above post is as a result of my creative ideas. Nothing has been borrowed. Some of the stated references have been used only as a source of inspiration.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

帯 Obi 帯

I am wearing the best piece of Japanese traditional garment I can D.I.Y; an OBI.
This outfit is a slight style/cultural pun because the obi or sash is made from Ankara (or Africa wax) which is indigenous to Nigeria, I hail from the eastern part of Nigeria and'Obi' in my native language means 'heart' and the Japanese obi is worn close to the chest region (region of the heart)... so coincidence or no?
To add a little twist to the outfit, I knotted a black satin tie and wore a white sleeveless collared shirt and a pair of fancy neon-green Nike kicks.

Photography c/o Ochuko Akpomudjere.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Shorts & Suits.

These outfits have been/were worn independently of each other and reflect the personal styles of both parties. Photos and quotes have been linked back to their individual sites (sources). The above collages are solely a result of my creation. 
 Expect new post(s) tomorrow.
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