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Hi everyone,
I mentioned in my last outfit post that I had been really busy and up to a lot of 'stuff' and that was reason for being MIA on the blog. I also mentioned that I had about three surprises for you. Well one of them was that I had been asked by to write up a guest editorial which I did. You can read it here if you haven't done so already. The second surprise is what you see above, I was called upon to style and Curate a Photoshoot for a Program here at school; this happened about 10 days ago. My self-assigned role in this shoot was gather all twenty-two women together, divide them into categories and style based on said categories and with that all the different scenes and different styles came about. It was definitely a lot of work especially with trying to find the Ukrainian traditional outfits in photo no. 4, I also had to make the flower wreaths which were worn by the girls in the picture. Finally with the help of my beloved photographer, a couple of MUAs and of course the willingness of my beloved girls, I was able to successfully direct the shoot on the 5th of April. These ladies were amazing to work with, each with her own interesting personality made the process a delight from start to finish. I had the time of my moment directing this shoot and Editing the photos was only just the Icing on the cake. 
Don't forget to look forward to surprise number four. In the mean time, I will endeavour to finish my exams in time so I can return to blogging hopefully by this weekend. Love. 

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